Thursday, May 7, 2009

Chicken Salad

These proportions are just an approximation, of course you can combine to suit your tastes!

-2 chicken breast halves, cooked (we like to roast a whole chicken and eat the legs the night of, and save the breast for this recipe)
-1 bunch scallions
-3-5 celery stalks
-1-2 lbs asparagus 
2-3 cups dried cranberries
-2-3 cups roasted cashews (either pre-roasted, or roast with a little salt and olive oil--allow time to cool off before adding to salad)

-Slice the asparagus into bite-sized portions; boil briefly until bright green and barely tender; drain and rinse under cold water
-Chop up and combine other ingredients!
-Season with salt and pepper
-Make a dressing with the following:

-Champagne (or white wine) vinegar
-Grainy dijon mustard
-A dab of mayo
-A little bit of white wine (optional)
-Salt and pepper
-Shake vigorously w olive oil until emulsified

Toss all together, chill if desired!